Cancellation Policy:  

    There is cancellation charge equivalent to the full fee for service
    your appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.  If
    you cannot keep your appointment please let us know as soon
    as possible.  


    Payment is due at time of service.  Accepted forms of payment
    are cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, and debit or Health
    Savings Account cards with Visa or Mastercard logos only.

  Insurance: We do not participate in any insurance plan either
  in-network or out of network.  We do not provide coded bills for
  insurance reimbursement.

 Jade Stone Head and Neck Treatments

    Digestive Problems, Headaches, Sinus Congestion, TMJ Syndrome, Lack of
    Vitality, Eye Ptosis and other Health Conditions.

  • First Session Jade Stone Alone  (45 min):  $100  
  • Follow Up Jade Stone Alone (30 min): $75  

Jade Stone with Acupuncture
  • Initial Acupuncture Consult & Acupuncture (90 min):  $250
  • Follow-Up Acupuncture (60 mn):  $190
  • Follow-Up Acupuncture ( 90 min):  $250

    Chinese Herbal Remedies

    (For Acupuncture, ASVT, and Chi Nei Tsang patients only)     
    Cost of herbal formulas varies dependent upon the herbal formula.  
Fees & Payment


    $175  (approx. 75 min)  Initial Consult + Acupuncture  
    $135  (45-60 min) Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment     
    $190  (75-90 min) Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment

    Chi Nei Tsang:  Taoist 5 Element Massage:

    $ 130 hour (50 min)

Chi Nei Tsang + Acupuncture

    $ 230 (75 min)  Initial Acupuncture Front OR Back + Chi Nei Tsang
         $ 175 (75 min) Chi Nei Tsang + Follow-up Acupuncture
        $150 Reiki (60 min)
Gloria Provitola, M.S.O.M.  L.Ac. L.M.T. --- 448 West 57th St.  Garden Level, New York, NY  10019

Schedule of Fees
Gloria Provitola, M.S.O.M. L.Ac.
448 West 57th Street
Garden Level
New York, NY  10019