Complimentary Compassionate Care Reiki
for People in Treatment for Cancer
Gloria Provitola
Reiki Master
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Complimentary Compassionate Care Reiki
for People in Treatment for Cancer
Usui Shiki Ryoho is the Japanese healing practice of gentle
non-invasive laying on of hands healing. It originated from the
self-healing experience of Mikao Usui in the early part of the
20th century. Usui Shiki Ryoho has commonly become known
as Reiki. The translation of Reiki from the Japanese is Universal
(Rei) Life Force (Ki).  Ki is the Japanese word for Qi in Chinese.  
A better definition of  Ki/Qi is "energy on the verge of
becoming mass".   
Reiki assists in bringing the body-mind-spirit into balance.
Reiki is non-medical.  It is non-invasive and cannot cause
harm,but it can assist in healing and has in recent modern
medicine been recommended before and after surgery.  Some
people who have received Reiki who are in treatment for
cancer have reported less nausea, more energy and better
sleep.  All these improvements help reduce stress.  The less
stress we have the better our chances may be for healing.  

Reiki is not offered as a treatment for cancer, but it may help
people in treatment for cancer feel better in the ways
mentioned here. It is the person's own inner wisdom that
directs the Reiki as needed.  The practitioner is simply a conduit
for this powerful energetic force called Reiki.
If you are in treatment for cancer and would like to see if Reiki
may benefit you in reducing some of the side effects of
treatment, please call Gloria Provitola at 917-502-4566.  She is
offering Reiki weekly sessions free of charge to a limited number
of people in treatment for cancer.   
Gloria Provitola has been a Reiki Master since 1998.  She
received her Third Degree Reiki Master attunement with Reiki
Master Patti O'Hanley in San Miguel de Allende, MX.  
We are sorry, but this service is
temporarily unavailable due to
the Covid-19 pandemic.